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Analog Sounds.
Vintage Instruments.
Living Room Atmosphere.

Get lush recordings of your songs with real instruments, analog warmth and human feel.
In a relaxed musician-oriented environment.

Lumen Studio Berlin

A one-room production studio in the heart of Neukölln, Berlin.

The studio represents a simple, honest philosophy to making records. We enjoy modern and vintage music styles, and we are obsessed with the recording techniques perfected over the last 100 years to create the songs we know and love.


Our approach is focused primarily on creating beautiful sounds using real instruments. We aim to make space for honest and spontaneous human performances, and capture them with as much vibe, warmth and quality as possible using our collection of beautiful microphones and outboard gear.

We love tube and ribbon microphones, and have a collection of our favourite mic options for all instruments including vintage and modern studio classics from Neumann, Soyuz, AEA, Coles, AKG, Vanguard, Beyerdynamic, Sennheiser and Shure.

Our signal chain consists of carefully selected analog outboard gear from BAE, Neve, Great River, Avedis, AEA, Kush Audio, Capi, AML and Cranborne Audio. This enables us to choose the appropriate microphone and preamp colour for the source. We work with a hybrid digital-analog setup.

Artists have access to our selection of vintage 1950's-1970's instruments, including a 1960's Ludwig Superclassic, 1960's Schimmel Piano, VOX AC50 and loads of vintage snares and cymbals. We can assist with bringing in additional studio musicians if the music calls for expanded instrumentation, using our connections from a decade years in the Berlin music scene.

Our recording methodology is flexible according to the needs, wishes and vision of the artist. We have tracked songs "in the round" with the band together in one room, in the style of classic records, and alternatively recorded using a super-clean modern production workflow – one instrument at a time. We love to track rhythm sections live and overdub crucial vocal and lead parts. The possibilities are endless.

We're musicians too, with more than two decades of touring and studio experience. We know recording studios can be a stressful environment with a lot of outside pressures on the music, and that's why we created Lumen Studio as a down-to-earth, comfortable recording room. We wanted it to feel like an extension of your living room – for the recording sessions to feel like playing music for your friends – with the benefit of acoustic treatment, vintage instruments and support from us.

Are you looking for more humanity, texture and realism in your songs? Tired of using loops and the same samples everyone else has? Want your music to sound unique, personal and authentic?

We'd love to hear from you!

Use the button below to reach out and we'll be in touch ASAP to talk about how we can help you get your next record sounding its best.

Hear Our Work

Discography / Our Clients

Lumen Studio Berlin began as a drum tracking studio and has slowly evolved to a complete production space – hover over each cover to see our contribution to the record.


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