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I'm an Australian drummer based in Berlin.

Available for live, studio and remote session work.

Drummer / engineer / producer at Lumen Studio Berlin.

Teaching private lessons specialised in body mechanics, advanced concepts and musical approaches.

I play vintage and modern styles with a focus on feel, musicality, dynamics and sound.

I approach my client's music from a holistic, song-oriented perspective – tailoring my equipment selection, tuning, micing setup, and production choices to each specific track.

I perform with acoustic, electronic, percussion and hybrid setups.


Over 20 years of experience performing in settings ranging from jazz (early and modern), hip hop, singer-songwriter, soul, RnB, folk, indie, reggae, orchestral, and various Brazilian, Cuban, North African and Middle Eastern styles.



A boutique recording studio in the heart of Neukölln.

The studio was purpose-built for my own remote drum sessions (see below).

Since opening it has quickly become a favourite spot for other drummers, singer-songwriters,  jazz/folk ensembles and pop musicians to record their own performances in a cozy, affordable, musician-oriented space..



  • A beautiful, acoustically treated space ideal for audio and video recording

  • A collection of vintage / modern drums and cymbals

  • Industry standard microphones from Vanguard Audio / Neumann / Beyerdynamic / Sennheiser / Shure etc

  • High-end Neve and API-style preamps, hardware EQ and compression, Class A Burr-Brown ADC

  • Lighting / camera rig, complementary photography, video on request.



Lumen Studio was built to allow producers and artists to have live drums recorded on tracks, without the expense and time associated with traditional studio hire, setup and equipment transport.

I'm able to offer flexibility and a fast workflow/turnaround, creating more opportunities to have a living breathing musician on songs instead of programmed or looped samples.


  • I create completely unique, original sounds and parts tailored to each track after discussions with the artist/producer, working with acoustic drums / percussion / programming.

  • I contribute my own ideas for production / multi tracking / effects / postprocessing as the song requires, and supply  raw and processed stems separately.

  • I typically provide 12 channels: Kick in & out, Snare top & bottom, OH L & R, Rack, Floor, Hihat, Room mics L & R , and an additional FX mic.



Send me a bounce of your track

2. Communication

We'll discuss your vision for the track and my ideas, either online or in person in my studio in Neukölln.

To communicate ideas you are imagining for your song, I typically ask for reference songs that you take inspiration from in terms of grooves, sounds, and approach.

Photos: Anton Tal



I'll track my drums in my studio, and send you back the raw files (12 channels plus any extra percussion / programming / effects) for you to import into your session.
I offer as many revisions as necessary - happy clients are my priority!

Typical turnaround time is under 48 hours.

If possible, include 2 versions of the track, one with any existing drum / percussion programming or ideas, and one version without drums.

Please include the tempo and sample rate of your session.






I am currently performing with:


An orchestra for fusion of Arabic and Middle Eastern music with European Jazz and classical music - from Berlin.


Berlin based Australian band Imbibe is a musical partnership between brothers Tennyson and Holden Nobel. Music is in their blood and their bones too. They aspire to write and perform music that absorbs and moves people by telling stories we can all relate to.


Samba and swing from Berlin.

Pauline Peek (v)
Paul Santner (g)

Sidney Werner (b)

Aidan Keith Lowe (d)


Israeli born Eyal Lovett is one of the most prominent jazz pianists and band leaders currently active in Berlin.  "There are so many treasures here – and these eighty-four minutes have, over a period of time, repeatedly called me back to focus on their intricacies and their sincerity. At the moment, I wouldn’t stray far without this very special collection" - Adrian Pallant


The Far East Trio is Declan Forde, Sidney Werner and Aidan Lowe: three close friends from across the globe uniting to bring early jazz into a contemporary context.


Performed with boldness and a contagious sense of energy, their modern interpretations of Duke Ellington and Fats Waller classics are known to charm and delight audiences.


Antipodes formed in Berlin in early 2013 as an outlet for the original music of Luke Sweeting (piano) and Jake Baxendale, joined by Aidan Lowe (drums). The group focuses on an interactive approach to the music, the strong melodies tying together long, open improvisations. Described as “a northern European aesthetic with an authentic Australasian feel”, the sounds are drawn from a mixture of contemporary jazz, pop and folk, improvised music and their collective experiences of life as musicians on the far side of the globe.










Babylon Orchestra Berlin Volksbühne Berlin, Heimathafen Berlin / Grandbrothers, Aeham Ahmad Ver.di Congress Leipzig Messe / Amazigh Kateb (Gnawa Diffusion) Werkstatt der Kulturen Berlin / Imbibe Fluxbau Berlin / Jens Fisker, Margrete Garup, Jakob Mygind, Andreas Lang, Malte Schiller Denmark tour / Alaa Zouiten, Tarek Yemani, Roland Satterwhite, Richard Müller Zig Zag Club Berlin / Far East Trio Berlin shows / Bitter Blond Berlin shows

Eyal Lovett Trio Israel, England, Scotland, Germany, Czech Republic, Belgium tours, 1st place award in Jazzwings International Jazz Competition / Antipodes New Zealand Tour / Guy Mintus Berlin show / Homie Munich Olympiapark, Berlin festival and club shows / Melina Paxinos Quintet Berlin shows / Far East Trio Berlin shows / Bitter Blond Berlin shows


Amit Friedman Quintet Netherlands, Germany tour / Vulkan Denmark tour / Live Foyn Friis Aarhus show / Antipodes New Zealand tour / Eyal Lovett Trio, Eran Har Evan Netherlands, Czech Republic, Germany tours / Guy Mintus Berlin show / Far East Trio German shows / Tal Blumstein Trio Berlin show / Freedman Fellowship Australia Prize Nominee

Tal Blumstein, Max Oleartchik Germany, Poland tour / Burrows Australian album release / Ellis Collective National Folk Festival Australia show / Eyal Lovett Trio German shows / Far East Trio German shows


Gilad Hekselman Album recording and Berlin show with Eyal Lovett Trio / Eyal Lovett Trio Germany, Czech Republic, Denmark, Poland tours / SVELIA Sweden, Germany tour / Eden Holan Group Switzerland tour / Guy Mintus Trio Berlin shows / Liu Xing Quintet China tour


SVELIA Australia tour / Antipodes Sextet Australia, New Zealand tour / ArtStart Australia Grant recipient


Kenneth Dahl Knudsen Group featuring Jakob Sørensen, Jens Fisker Denmark tour / SVELIA Sweden, Germany, Poland tour / Eyal Lovett Trio Denmark tour / Julia & The Deep Sea Sirens Australian shows

Katie Noonan, Tyrone Noonan, Dave Samuels, Anders Åstrand, John Lane, Alan Otte, Katherine Lambert, Miroslav Bukovsky, James Greening, Matt McMahon, Eric Ajaye Performances in Australia

/ INXS, Tim Rogers, Chris Isaak Support performances in Canberra



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