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I help producers, singer-songwriters and artists to finish their songs with:

  • Pristine analog recordings

  • Full service song production

  • Session drums, percussion and programming

  • Mixing

  • Sample packs and beats


Hey, I'm Aidan.

I'm an Australian musician and recording engineer based in Berlin.

Originally jazz-trained, I've had the privilege to record and tour worldwide in many music styles.

During 15 years of full time professional work in the industry, I've learned firsthand the importance of communication with musicians and producers.

I'm focused on bringing your vision of the song to life, serving the music, and creating a good feeling for the listener.

Recordings featuring my drum performances accumulated more than 12M Spotify streams in 2023.

Artists I've worked with include:

All The Luck In The World • Amazigh Kateb • Aurora Nealand• Baby Smith • Babylon Orchestra Berlin • Bearcubs • Bosley • Burrows • Cairokee • Enya Elstner • Eveline • Ehud Banai • Eyal Lovett Trio feat. Gilad Hekselman • Eran Har Even • Far East Trio • Grandbrothers • Guy Mintus • James Chatburn • Jed Holland • Johnny Kulo • Kurtis Wells • Liam Mockridge • Mädness • Narou • Noah Klein • Puelo • Queen Quail • Rezar • Sara Hartman • Tate Sheridan • THALA


Get premium analog drum tracks handmade for your music.

Drum recordings have a huge effect on the overall sound of a song.

They dramatically influence the music's sense of space, depth, and texture.


Drums can instantly convey the feeling of a musical era, a genre, a sense of time and place. And add the detail, energy, and personality of a human performance.

I've spent my life studying the instrument and working with producers and artists to translate their feelings and ideas into sonic reality.

I offer in-person and remote drum sessions, making it possible for musicians around the world to bring some life to their drum tracks.

My tracks are recorded in an acoustically treated studio with a large collection of industry-standard tube, ribbon and dynamic microphones, running into high end analog outboard including BAE 1073's, Neve 551's, Great River MP's, Avedis MA5's, CAPI vp28's, AEA RPQ's and more, before hitting mastering-grade A/D conversion.

I play a large selection of vintage and modern drums and cymbals including a range of 1960's Ludwig snares/kits, vintage Zildjians, and Istanbul AGOP & Meinl cymbals.

My drum sounds are always completely customised for each song – finding the perfect sound selection, tuning, mic setup and mix for the track. You can relax in the knowledge your tracks have the warmth, depth and character of analog recording gear, allowing them to effortlessly sit in the mix and gel with your other song elements.

I've played on hundreds of tracks in the past years, and I want to play on yours too.

Get in touch for a free quote, or just to say hi. We can listen to your next project and talk about how I can help to make it sound even better,

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Working on a song idea, but don't know how to develop it?

I can help.

At my studio, we can turn a rough demo into a fully produced, finished track.

It begins with your ideas and your artistic vision. As a musician, engineer and producer, my main goal is to help my clients to create the sound they're hearing in their heads.


Rather than trying to shape the sound in a preconceived direction, I try to create a relaxed, open environment to allow the song to develop naturally as the artist envisions it.

We will record your song in pristine quality using my high end recording equipemt, add layers and additional instruments, and build a full arrangement of the song.

With over 20 years experience making music, I can offer guidance and space for creativity and experimentation.

We have a team of trusted session musicians available if the production calls for additional instrumentation.

From a song idea to a finished mix, I'll be with you every step of the way to help get your song sounding the way you imagine it.

Already working with a band and just need a place to record? I've got you covered. With 16 channels of analog preamps, I can record a full rhythm section simultaneously with old-school recording techniques, or layer instruments one by one in a modern pop production process. It all depends on your music and your vision.

Feel free to reach out anytime, or come by the studio for a coffee to check out the space and the workflow, and to see how I can help getting your next track sounding its best.